Brikka Elite Espresso Maker 4 Cups

Brikka Elite Espresso Maker 4 Cups

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Bialetti Brikka Elite Espresso Maker 4 Cups

Excellent taste, special design and unique crema distinguish this espresso maker. From Bialetti - market leader and inventor of the espresso pots.

  • With presostatic valve that develops up to 9 bar pressure for the tasteful golden brown foam - the crema that is typical of Italian espresso
  • With imprinted Bialetti trademark - the inventor "Alfonso - the little man with the mustache"
  • With practical water display inside
  • With the funnel you no longer need a separate seal, as before (cost saving)
  • Advantage: With an opening in the lid, so you always know how far your espresso preparation has progressed. The "open" lid supports the excellent crema formation
  • With patented safety valve and ergonomic handle
  • Noble design
  • Suitable for all heat sources (except induction)
  • Made in Europe