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It´s American Press American Press

American Press looks and works similarly to a French Press. The designers got rid of a couple of drawbacks of the original French Press though. The improvements result in a cleaner brew and an easier way of getting the used grounds out.

Instead of a typical plunger, the American Press is equipped with a pod, into which you put ground coffee. That makes the maintenance easier and keeps the brew without that many fine coffee particles in the final cup, and more delicate, full flavour. A well-fitting silicone gasket around the pod forces water to flow through the ground coffee, which enables the proper extraction.

This opens the door for experiments with using different plunging force, brewing time, or setting the pod at a different height.

The body is made of shatter-resistant double-walled plastic (Tritan), 100% BPA free. Apart from that, there is a solid stainless steel pouring edge.

With the American Press you can brew up to 370 ml (14 ounces) of coffee at a time.

How to use it?

1. Pour the medium ground coffee (21 - 24 grams) into the pod and screw its cap.
2. Pour in 350 - 370 ml (12 - 14 ounces) of hot water into the cylinder and put the plunger in.
3. Press the plunger only to the point when the grounds are soaked and wait for 20 - 30 seconds.
4. After that time, press the plunger slowly all the way, finishing at about 2 minutes.
5. Your coffee is ready to be served!

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