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Rhino Coffee Gear Brewing Scale

The Coffee Gear Brewing Scale offers a lot of versatility as a bench scale for cafe or home use. The generous 2kg capacity makes it useful for weighing out beans for bagging or for weighing your grounds and water whilst producing a filter coffee.

Features include:

  • Auto-off
  • Tare/Cal
  • Detachable lid/tray
  • Capacity: 2000g (4.4 lbs)
  • Accuracy: 0.1g
  • Units of weight: g/oz/ozt (Troy ounces)/dwt (penny weight)/gn (grains)/ct (carat)
  • Key functions: ON/OFF, MODE, TARE, PCS (for piece weighing)
  • Platform dimensions: 100mm x 100mm (stainless steel) (3.94 x 3.94 inches)
  • Display: green blacklit LCD
  • Power: 2 x AAA batteries (included)
  • Warranty: 1 year

Some tips for use:

Place the scale on a flat, level surface away from any electronic equipment that may interfere with the scale.  Press and release the "ON/OFF" button and wait until the LCD display shows  "0.0".  You may now place the object you want to weigh on the plattform.

To calibrate:
When the scale is turned off, press the ON/OFF key to turn on the scale.  Wait until zero is displayed.  Press and hold the "MODE" key until the display shows "CAL", then release the button.  Press the "MODE" key again.  The required weight flashes on the display.  Place the required weight onto the centre of the platform.  The LCD display reads "PASS" and returns to the normal weighing mode.

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