Espresso Maker Complete
Espresso Maker Complete

Espresso Maker Complete

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Flair Espresso Maker Complete

Flair Espresso Maker  makes it possible to brew a perfect espresso in almost any conditions. It is portable, compact, easy to maintain, and human-powered! The simplest way to get a complex espresso with heavy crema! Flair Espresso Maker Complete is a starting set for manual espresso brewing. It includes a press stand, a brewing head with a shower screen, polycarbonate tamper, filling funnel, piston and a carrying case.

Brewing with Flair is easy and intuitive. The brewing head holds 16-17 grams of finely ground coffee. Once you've poured the coffee in, tamp it (with the plastic tamper or the stainless steel one sold separately), and put the shower screen on. Next, pour the water in (35 - 45g), attach the plunger and install the brewing group on the stand. Finally, the step that gives most fun: press down the lever to get a perfect, round, flavourful espresso! 

The warranty on the press stand and the brew cylinder is 5 years.

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